Hungry for Change: 
How Halophyte Plants Can Help Solve the Global Food Crisis 
Hazel Henderson - Ethical Markets
The global food crisis is inextricably linked to the dwindling fresh-water supply. Futurist Hazel Henderson sees a solution in plants like quinoa, one of the many edible halophyte plants that thrive in a salt water environments.
Ethical Markets
Hazel's gift to the Summit Package
Creating Alternative Futures has pioneered many debates on how to guide industrial societies on healthier paths toward more equitable, ecologically sustainable human development. Henderson explains how GNP distorts the goal of human development worldwide. She points out misleading assumptions and a redefinition of health, wealth, and progress for humanity's long-term survival. The book predicts the sweep of democratization and the new "third sector" of grassroots globalists.
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The Green Transition Scoreboard (GTS) is a time-based, global tracking of the private financial system for all sectors investing in green markets.
About Hazel
A world-renowned futurist, evolutionary economist and consultant on sustainable development, Hazel Henderson authored the award-winning book, Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy, founded Ethical Markets Media, LLC, and is creator and co-executive producer of its TV series.

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