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Work Environments Designed to Help People Thrive
Jessica Cooper - International WELL Building Institute
Going beyond LEED certification, Jessica Cooper shares how the IWBI WELL Building Standard raises the bar for work environments to include comprehensive metrics in 10 categories: air, light, sound, community, water, movement, materials, nourishment, thermal comfort and mind.
WELL Building Institute
Jessica's Gift to the Summit Package
WELL Community Standard Project Checklist
The WELL Community Standard™ checklist is organized into ten categories of wellness called concepts: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Temperature, Sound, Materials, Mind and Community. Each concept comprises multiple features, which are intended to address specific aspects of occupant health, comfort or knowledge.
About Jessica
Jessica Cooper, Chief Commercial Officer of the International WELL Building Institute discusses the WELL Building Standard®, the leading global rating system and the first to be focused exclusively on the ways that buildings can improve comfort, drive better choices, and generally enhance our health and wellness.

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